Food Infrastructures

    What is the difference between feeding eight people and eight billion people? How does scale inform or determine what’s for dinner and what’s in the crates on the supertanker?

    Issue Four "Food, Scale, Infrastructure" will analyze food infrastructures and addresses scale in food production, provision and consumption... Read the editor's preview...

    Image: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
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    Sentinel Devices

    The polar ice cap rapidly recedes; colonies of honeybees collapse in alarming numbers; androgynous fish are detected in rivers and streams. These reports not only describe recent events, but also function as signs of an ominous and rapidly encroaching future.

    In issue number three of Limn we focus on how this future makes its appearance in the present.


    Clouds and Crowds

    From the power and politics of statistics and algorithms to crowdsourcing’s discontents to the capriciousness of collectives in an election; from the focus group and the casino to the worlds of micro-finance and data-intensive policing. Read more …

  • Issue One:

    Systemic Risk

    A central topic of expert discussion and political debate amidst the financial crisis, but also across many other domains in which catastrophic threats loom – including internet security, supply chain management, catastrophe insurance, and critical infrastructure protection... Read more …

  • Issue Zero:

    Prototyping Prototyping

    Before there was LIMN, there were several different prototypes... Read more …


From the blog:

Watch David Schleifer on food infrastructures

David Schleifer, one of the editors of our upcoming issue on food infrastructures, participated in a Chemical Heritage Foundation discussion taking “a historical look at how humanity has shifted its expectations about food, from fresh and flavorful to fast and

Issue Four: In the Oven

Issue number four is underway! The topic: Food, Scale, Infrastructure. Watch this space for more details about the issue as it unfolds.

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