Coming Soon, The Total Archive

Coming this Friday, March 4th! Limn Number 6: The Total Archive Edited by Boris Jardine  and Christopher Kelty What do you do with everything? All of it.  Every thing, book, person, datum, seed and gene?  Limn Number 6 asks: how does the total

Ebola’s Ecologies now in Print.

Issue 5, on the 2014 Ebola epidemic, has generated tremendous interest and discussion already. It’s now available in print and includes all of the articles published online, as well as some new material and imagery. “Ebola’s Ecologies” examines how the

Coming Sooner than You Think: Ebola

The response to Ebola is more than spectacle–it’s an opportunity to think about how preparedness and response unfold in real time. Limn has asked a dozen scholars to reflect on the crisis as it is happening and we will publish

See Limn Described by a Human

Interested in learning more about what we think Limn is and what it is for? Watch this video of C.M. Kelty yammering away at the Publish or Perish Conference in Feb 2014.

Watch David Schleifer on food infrastructures

David Schleifer, one of the editors of our upcoming issue on food infrastructures, participated in a Chemical Heritage Foundation discussion taking “a historical look at how humanity has shifted its expectations about food, from fresh and flavorful to fast and