Hacks, Leaks and Breaches, the eighth issue of Limn

2016 ended with the most high profile hacks in history. Presidential elections were disrupted, major superpowers are jockeying for the power of the leak, the hack and the breach. What do you need to know to understand the world of information warfare, cybersecurity or hacktivism today? Starting on Valentine’s Day (we love you too!) Limn will be publishing a series of fantastic articles about all sorts of “Hacks, Leaks, and Breaches” edited by Gabriella Coleman and Christopher Kelty. It includes thoughtful research and writing about hacking at a time when it seems to be on the front pages every day. We will have pieces the explore the OPM hack, the history of cypherpunks, the “ethical hacker” certification, the question of the effectiveness of leaking, the speed of hacks (and the Lauri Love case), dumpster-diving, GhostSec, the problem of defining what a hacker is, the security challenges of civil society actors, and more—interviews and hacktoids and even a spot of science fiction! Check back regularly for more