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001: Prototyping Prototyping


What is a prototype and why is it a salient contemporary figure?

This collection of writings was provoked by a conference, held in Madrid in November 2010. The goal was to “prototype” a conference publication before the conference itself, both as a demonstration of the process envisioned by ARC studio, and as a way to pull apart distinctions and make connections in a form that would be circulable and archivable.

The posts in white are the original (or slightly revised) contributions. The posts in black are responses that came after the conference. Some of the exhibits are linked to each other exhibits, some stand on their own, and some represent conversations that cannot be adequately reproduced in this medium.


  1. Prototyping Prototyping: A Preface by Christopher M. Kelty
  2. Prototyping Prototyping: a pre-conference publication
  3. The Long History of Prototypes by Michael Guggenheim
  4. The prototype: a sociology in abeyance by Alberto Corsín Jimenez and Adolfo Estalella
  5. If I were the ethnographer… by Marilyn Strathern
  6. The Charismatic Prototype by Alain Pottage
  7. Of Promises and Prototypes: the archeology of the futureby Lina Dib
  8. The End of Innovation (As We Knew It) and Prototyping Prototyping :: Second Iteration by Lucy Suchman
  9. Demo for Democracy by Javier Lezaun
  10. Infra(proto)types In the Air by Nerea Calvillo
  11. Prototypes in Design: Materializing Futures by Alex Wilkie
  12. Prototyping relationships: on techno-political hospitality by Alberto Corsín Jimenez and Adolfo Estalella
  13. James Leach and Chris Kelty
  14. Para-sites: a Proto-Prototyping Culture of Method? by George E. Marcus